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Custom Ringtones For Android

Yes, there are already thousands of ringtone sites and a few applications for Android offering free ringtones but, What ever happened to being creative? If you are like me, you’ll probably find yourself in an endless loop trying to find a good ringtone on one of those sites and then you’ll find out that the one ringtone you liked is the same one that everyone else downloaded, so now you are stuck with the same old ringtone everybody has.

To solve that problem all you need to do is get your hands on Audacity (Free Audio Editor & Recorder) and start making your own ringtones. The process won’t take longer then a couple minutes and you won’t have to hear the same song everyone else has on their phone. You don’t have to be an audio expert to make your own ringtones. If you are computer literate, then you shouldn’t have any problems with Audacity.

Download the files below:


Audacity needs a plug-in to export files as Mp3 so you’ll also need:

Lame MP3 Encoder

The video below shows how to make ringtones on Audacity. The video is a little fast paced but that’s what pause and play are made for and if you are having trouble, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be glad to help. This video only shows how to make ringtones from full songs or long clips you might have, but with Audacity you can get creative and make ringtones from your own recordings and mixes!

Here are a few Audacity tips before the video:

  • Make the ringers 30 secs or shorter, it takes less then that to go to voice mail
  • Wav, Aiff, Ogg, and Mp3 All work for ringtones
  • Wav is better but you won’t be able to tell the difference, use Mp3 to save space
  • Use Effect… Amplify… to make ringtones louder but watch out with clipping
  • Use metadata to keep Mp3s organized in the Music Player

Once you made your ringtone, make a folder on the root of your microSD card called “ringtones” and place all your ringtones there, they can be in the formats mp3, wav, aiff & ogg.  If you want to use a ringtone as an alarm or notification, create two new folders on the root of your SD card called “alarms” and “notifications“. Then you can set the ringtones by Pressing MENU on the home screen then go to: SettingsSound & displayPhone Ringtone or Phone Notification for messages.

One Response to “Custom Ringtones For Android”

  1. Shawn Says:

    there’s also an awesome free app that will let you make custom ringtones. found it the other day —

    it worked really well and was super easy to use!

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