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It sounds foolish to say that you need a template in order to make good looking wallpapers for your T-Mobile G1 but sadly it is true. You might have noticed that the wallpapers for the G1 are 640 x 480 but the phone’s resolution is only 320 x 480. The reason is because Android handles wallpapers differently than other phones. Read More..

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As you might have noticed most of the wallpapers at are available in two versions, a regular wallpaper and a wallpaper with an icon dock. Since G1Wallz now allows for any user to submit wallpapers. We thought it was a good idea to share some of the docks we have used so you can use them on your own wallpapers. Read More..

It has been a frustration ever since the T-Mobile G1 was released to see how your high quality images get turn into a blurry mess when you set them as wallpapers. Supposedly this is caused by a JPG filter applied to images when set as wallpaper and this issue will be resolved with the next Android update (Cupcake). Until now had been using 800 x 600 resolution wallpapers instead of the default 640 x 480 on the G1 to get better results but now there’s an application in the market called “Wallpaper Set & Save” that sets your wallpapers without applying the filter resulting in sharper lossless images. The application is very simple to use, all you have to do is point to the folder on your SD card where all the wallpapers are saved.

Read More..

To create themes, or to edit themes to your liking, you will need a working knowledge of android, adb, how to resign apk’s, knowledge of your own O/S.

Before you start be aware that you will probably end up wiping your phone once, if not more. So lets go over the things that you will need.

You will need JF’s RC30, RC8, or ADP1 V1.3, depending on what version you intend to create for.

Here is the link to these:

You will also want to get the dev bootloader installed on your phone and to HIGHLY suggest everyone trying your theme to install it as well.

Link to dev bootloader: Read More..

If you are a long time Apple/Mac supporter but recently decided to get a T-Mobile G1 instead of an iPhone, I’ve put together a set of OS X wallpapers that will help you feel more at home with your T-Mobile G1. Read More..

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